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What is a vehicle Safari?

Aimed at those with not quite the sufficient stamina, or the necessary time on their hands to go on long treks. Taking a trip in our 4×4 vehicle to some of the remoter areas gives a chance to view the hidden secrets of the region first hand that few other ‘overland’ operations are able to offer. We are able to draw on the considerable knowledge and expertise gained from conducting our walking safaris in close association with the local tribes. This enables us to drive our 4×4 off the ‘beaten track’ and visit some of the more prominent geographical wonders that are rarely viewed from the sanctuary of a vehicle. For example, the volcanic cones of Von Hohnel Bay on the southern shore of Lake Turkana; the Poro Escarpment with the scorching Suguta Valley stretched out below; and the flamingo festooned soda lake of Logipi. These examples literally take the breath away when witnessed for the first time.

The excursions are combined with encounters with the nomadic people who inhabit the area. This usually involves small hikes visiting remote communities and camping within their compounds (manyattas), allowing an insight into the customs and way of life these people have managed to maintain in unaltered form from time immemorial.

Typically we pitch our tents and camp under the stars, although lodge and hotel accommodation can be arranged should you require. If you are interested in a vehicle safari, please contact us, we’d be delighted to put together a proposed itinerary for you.

* No experience necessary, however, an open mind and an ability to endure extreme heat and plenty of dust is recommended

Game drives

Game drives

A trip to Kenya is not complete without a visit to one or two of the National Parks. Just let us know which Parks you’d like to visit and we will organise this, combined with a trek or on its own.

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Bespoke routes

Bespoke routes

We can tailor any of our expeditions to suit your individual requirements. Please contact Dan or Carls to find out more.

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