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What is an Expedition?

An expedition is classed as a long duration journey lasting from 6 days to 2 weeks or more. We employ camels or donkeys as pack animals, traversing a sparsely populated but varied terrain: open savanah, dried river courses, deep canyons, lava fields, scrub/semi desert plains, mountain passes, dried soda lakes and pure desert are encountered in one form or another dependent on the chosen route.

Please bear in mind that these are not luxury walking safaris with all ‘mod-cons’ laid on. They are designed to give an authentic version of how the local nomadic people transport themselves across their territory. For example, at camp party members will be expected to assist with loading and unloading the animals, contribute towards the collection of firewood (basic evening meals are cooked on an open fire) and the pitching of tents when necessary. Sleeping arrangements, however, usually involve bedding down under the stars.

Interaction with passing nomadic herders is common place and presents the opportunity to relate to these people on equal terms. In turn this allows the visitor the opportunity to glean something of the techniques the nomads practice to survive in the harsh environment they are passing through.

An expedition is recommended only to those with a good level of fitness, some experience of long distance walks and a proven aptitude to hot climes.

North West Kenya

North West Kenya

This region is the Lake Turkana district of North West Kenya. It is a place of wild beauty and bewildering contrasts.

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Suggested routes

Suggested routes

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