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Here are a few kind words from a handful of our previous clients.

“I travelled with Wandering Nomads to Mount Nyeru, via South Horr. The trip was memorable, and we saw every aspect of Kenya. Dan and Carls’ greatest strength is their knowledge of the local people. Nowhere is off limits, and everyone is their friend. It meant that we were welcome everywhere.”

Adam, London

“Carls is a very good guide who offers great treks off the beaten tracks in the north of Kenya a beautiful wild region mixed of lakes, mountains and deserts. It’s not a very well known region by the tourists but it is really worth the trip, you will not regret it. With his sense of communication, and the love for his country, Carls brings people together, in such a way that you can meet and discover the different tribe’s way of life. Carls is a very reliable guide, easy to get on with and who became our friend. If you like to travel away from the tourists and discover the ‘real Kenya’ have a look at his website and don’t hesitate to contact him he will arrange the trip together with you.

You can see the amazing pictures of our trip here

Alexandre Moreau, France

“The trip was fantastic, Carls was an excellent guide (interpreter, cook, driver and car mechanic….), one of the best, if not the best, I have had so far. He really took great care of me and my friend and he was a good company too. I liked his sense of humor. Also David, who guided me over the Niyru range was a very nice fellow.

All in all it was a great experience and the money well spent.

We took thousands of photographs, mainly of the tribal people – I have already put some samples on my website

Frantisek Staud, Czech Republic

“It is also difficult for us to explain to our friends what we have lived during this 4 weeks, if they can understand what we saw, they can not really understand what we felt.

It was a real pleasure to live with you during all this time, you have really done what to do to make us love your country, and you have succeed !”

Doctor Gilles and Logipi-Brigitte, France

“I made a trip in north Kenya last summer with my wife, and Carls was our very good guide ! I would say that if you are looking for some good places to go after a trip in South Africa, you should seriously think to go to Kenya.

You could have there the real chance to see some things and people you will never see somewhere else in Africa. I think more particulary to the North Kenya.

In this region, you will meet some real african traditionnal population. The tribes there like the Samburus, the Turkanas, the El Molo, and other live like they were already living hundred years ago. The landscapes are very specific, you can see there volcanic places, hidden lakes, hidden moutains, and hidden villages.

In some of places you can be lucky to watch some wild animals out of reserves, free, like zebras, dik dik, gazelles, girafes, elephants.

You will also be almost the only tourists many kilometers around you, those places are really….how to say…wild and real !!

We have lived, me and my wife, one of the most strong moments in our lives.

About security, with Carls and his team, no problem, they know each place and almost each person; so you are allways very well introduced when you come in villages.

Roads are rough and life is hard over there, but I am sure you will enjoy it ! If you like to walk and if you are in good form to do it, so, ask Carls to organize for you a trek. Otherwise, ask for a mix between trek and 4×4 car trip.

To make you an idea before to choose, let’s have a look on www.wanderingnomads.com web site, you will find there all routes they can propose. You can probably ask to simplify some of them if needed. In fact, as we made, we have arranged our trip as we wished it before to leave.

When we where there, Carls adjusted our route according to weather, whishes or our physical capacities.”

Gilles Laurent, Britanny, France

“The expedition was superb! It was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to do something that would nearly break me, and the first few days nearly did (they’re always the toughest). After Lake Lokipi, every day seemed so much easier! The heat (my god the heat!), change of water, anti-malarials, restricted diet (< 5000 calories a day for me!), different food and different regime all took their toll. This was tough! I can honestly say I can't really fault anything - except you need to shout more about what you do! What you do is niche, it's hard, it's bloody tough. Considering the logistics, the food was excellent and varied and the guides (Lechuch, Josef and Jacob) were superb. How those guys get all their energy from a lump of dry, tasteless maize is a puzzle to me!

I never want to eat Ugali again!

Thanks Daniel for starting Wandering Nomads. There is just no way, ever, logistically, I could have organized anything like this without constant worry… the nomads are a tricky bunch!”

Graham Stephenson, Australia

“We were so lucky to be travelling with Wandering Nomads. Carls organised a splendid set of game drives for us; but what made the holiday special is that he based many extra outings on what he knew we were interested in. We were keen birdwatchers, so he laid on two fabulous boat trips on lakes for us to see hundreds of rare and colourful birds; he took us to the local fruit and vegetable market – and we chewed sugar cane; he took us to the light industrial area in Naivasha – the blacksmith made us a hammer. And so on. Wandering Nomads is a professional, expert, original firm for those who want much more than the usual big five safari.”

Sir Stephen and Professor Dawn Oliver, September 2010, UK

“Special thanks goes to Carls Waineina from Wandering Nomads (http://wanderingnomads.com) who managed to take me to places “normal people” usually don’t have access to and managed to keep us alive all the trip along. Thanks a lot Carls!”

David Lacina, Norway (Photographer: www.lacina.net)

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